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3371 Chattanooga Valley Road Flintstone GA 30725 706.820.2833

Friday, November 18, 2011

Care about Your County

The Georgia Family Connection Partnership has recently released data regarding child well-being in your area. Look up statistics for your state, county, and community by clicking here. Whether you currently work with children in Georgia or just want to be a good neighbor, this is a great resource!

Here are just a few facts about Walker County that I found helpful:

Out of 45,912 adults living in Walker County, 5,307 have a bachelors degree or higher.

About 74% of adults in Walker County have their high school diploma or some form of higher education.

In 2005, 2990 children lived in a home where neither of their parents was employed. That number rose to 4028 in 2009.

In the last 5 years, the number of children eligible for reduced price lunch at their school has risen by over 1000 (to 6827)

The rate of child abuse has doubled in the past five years (38 to 75)

…And yet…

Over 72% of Walker County residents own their homes.

High school graduation rates (graduating on time) are up 10% in the past five years, at roughly 76%.