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3371 Chattanooga Valley Road Flintstone GA 30725 706.820.2833

Friday, October 29, 2010

Things we love about Northwest Georgia

Help Hope celebrate Northwest Georgia! Stop by our offices and let us know what it is you love about Northwest Georgia.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Urgency After Reflection

This week I faced a rather difficult situation: Do I help? ...and if I walk away, did I do harm by walking away... or did I truly help?

Through various complicated events, I came in contact with a young woman who needed help. She came from an abusive past, and was living in an abusive present. It was evident that she needed to escape, but not so clear as to where she might go. Where is safe? How could she leave the past behind when she seemed to be bringing it along with her?

Even in my attempt to do right by her, it was clear that she had not left destructive patterns behind her. Yes, she was now separate from the abusive man in her life; but had she truly freed herself from her own bondage?

At times we can feel pressured to act -either by the person asking or by our on conscience- before we have a chance to stop and think. I encourage you to do just that! God has given us His wisdom so that we can do what is right -even in circumstances that are difficult and may appear to be "gray".

The following might be a good checklist to run through before responding:

  • If I do not act, will this person be in physical danger?
  • If I do act, must I act in the way they ask, or is there a better (more holistic) way to help?
  • What are possible outcomes of my help?
  • Could materials given be used to do harm to the person or others?
  • How am I/am I not loving this person in my action or inaction?
  • In my response, I represent myself, my church, my Savior. Did I do I good job at that?
Of course, there are about 10,000 more questions you could ask yourself... but really, with someone standing before you and asking for your help, there is great need for urgency after reflection. You should also evaluate whether the situation is a crisis or requires rehabilitation or development.

Additionally, set up boundaries for yourself before hand.

ie. I will never give money to an individual.
I will always help a woman who wants to get off of the street.
I will always offer to purchase a meal and sit with the person who asks.
I will always pray for/with an individual who asks for my assistance.

This can be helpful when you find yourself in a bind, and may assist you in making decisions that are thought out and loving instead of ones that are selfish or made out of guilt.