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3371 Chattanooga Valley Road Flintstone GA 30725 706.820.2833

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Job Search

With 10% of Americans out of work, it can be quite a battle to find the job you are looking for-let alone keep it. How do you start the process? Where to begin? Do I start searching in newspapers, through social connections, or online? Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to win yourself the ideal job. There are, however, a few guidelines that might help you on your way:

1. First impressions = everything

When approaching a job, do not allow yourself to slack in any way. Even though you may have a number of skills and be perfect for the job, your employer has no way of knowing that. Your first impression may come in the form of an application, resume, or interview. Whatever the case may be, make sure it is a good one by running down this list:

Clean, professional appearance
Can-do attitude and eager spirit
Prepared responses, practiced interview

For more tips on how to prepare for an interview watch the following video.


Make sure your resume is appropriate for the job you seek. Click here to figure out what kind of resume is a good fit for you.

Resume should be clean and neat in appearance. You may only have one chance to present yourself!

Your resume should represent you. Do not be tempted to include anything but the truth. A serious employer will look into the contents of your resume, and will not hire you if they think you are not telling the truth.

2. Enroll in classes or training to give yourself an edge on the market.

In these competitive times, you cannot do enough to make yourself a marketable individual. Go back to school, take online or night classes. Take a training course offered by your employer or elsewhere. This can help you to keep a job when your company is in a pinch, or it can help you to make the cut when competing with others for a job.

3. Get help.

Sometimes it is impossible to make a true change in our lives without the help of others. If you have been stuck in a dead end job, unemployed for longer than you'd like, or simply lack direction, we'd love to help! Hope is offering a Jobs for Life class starting January 4th. Hope for the Inner City also offers a job training course called Job C.O.R.E

4. Watch for Predators

Unfortunately, things are not always as they seem. Some job postings are at best outdated, or at worst, scams. Be sure that the posting is reliable and legitimate before responding or sending any personal information. Read the following for more information.

If you feel uncomfortable in an interview because of inappropriate sexual comments or situations, leave. No matter your current employment situation, it is not worth subjecting yourself to any kind of harassment or abuse. Click here for more information.

To find out more information about the current Job situation in the US, click here.